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Lobster Shell Meal – 4lb

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Gardeners have long been using our Quoddy Blend™ Lobster Compost for the magical properties of chitin-rich lobster shells, stem strength-building calcium content and robust micronutrients. 

Now, we're offering the same lobster shells that go into our best selling compost product in individual 4 pound bags. Great for premium indoor plants, garden beds and all container plants.

Benefits of Lobster Shell Meal:

  • OMRI Listed, Organic plant food 
  • An all-natural source of organic nitrogen and calcium. Mix into container soil or gardening beds as fertilizer (6-2-0)
  • Ideal for vegetative (veg) stage growing, providing your plant with robust green leaves and stem strength
  • Boosts plant vigor and overall health

Ships in 4 pound bags.

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