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Kelp Meal – 4lb

Coast of Maine Kelp Meal is 100% dehydrated Norwegian Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) or common rockweed or seaweed - an exceptional, all-natural soil amendment and fertilizer.

Kelp Meal is well known as a source of valuable macro and micro-nutrients (mostly in trace quantities) to the soil. Kelp is a completely natural, organic and sustainable resource that contains vitamins, carbohydrates, amino acids, natural growth hormones and minerals. Organic kelp fertilizer can be applied to any type of soil or plant without concern.  It is 100% natural,  environmentally friendly, contains no harmful chemicals and will provide you with healthier plants and greater crop yields. 

Closely monitored by the State, our supplier has sustainably harvested  (or, more correctly, pruned) rockweed from the same areas of the Mid and Downeast coasts of Maine for over 40 years, limiting its take to the top 30% of the plant every two years or 15% every year, enough time for the plant to fully regenerate. 

It can be used in around trees and shrubs, on lawns, added to container gardens and incorporated into garden beds.

Kelp Meal is very beneficial to plants!

  • Elevated seed germination success rates;
  • Improved nutritional value and shelf life for fruits and vegetables;
  • More vigorous root growth resulting in healthier foliage, flowers and fruit;
  • Stimulated soil bacteria, which increases  soil fertility, aeration & water retention;
  • Revitalized soil, leading to increases in the soil microorganism population;
  • Improved resistance to excessive heat, wind, frost & drought conditions;  
  • Can help extend the growing season of your crops; and
  • Research showing strong, vigorously-growing plants are more disease resistant.

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