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Fundy Blend Enriching Mulch w/ Kelp

Fundy Blend is the ideal top-dressing for roses and perennials. We combine some of our limited supply of very old, humified birch and maple bark with partially humified hemlock bark and a very rich compost made of kelp solids and sphagnum moss peat. The result is an almost black humus that is rich in organic matter with all the added benefits of both compost and kelp. 

Fundy Blend will both enrich your soil and help retain moisture. It will also help insulate the surface soil against both excessive cold and heat that can otherwise damage plant root systems. Because the barks are almost completely decomposed, it can be dug into your beds and garden in the fall, providing your soil a rich and immediate source of organic material. It will not compete with your plants for nitrogen as will conventional raw bark mulches. 

This blend is named for the Bay of Fundy, the northeast arm of the Gulf of Maine and home to the world's highest tides.

Available in 1 cubic foot or 2 cubic feet bags.

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