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Bar Harbor Premium Potting Soil



Designed for potting indoor and outdoor container plants, you will water and fertilize less with this nutrient rich, compost based, potting soil.  Bar Harbor BlendTM is made with sphagnum peat moss, compost, perlite, lobster and crab shell meal and kelp meal. This product is perfect for growers who want to blend their own soil mix and require a basic potting soil that is both high quality and organic. OMRI Listed.

Product Highlight features:

  • For houseplants, flowers, vegetables, herbs, & all container gardens.
  • Helps retain moisture & improve aeration.
  • Water and fertilize less with this nutrient rich, compost based potting soil.
  • Natural slow-release nitrogen.
  • Approved for organic growers.

Available in 8qt, 16qt, 1cf and 2cf bags.

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