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Alfalfa Meal – 3.5lb

Coast of Maine Alfalfa Meal Organic Plant Food (2.2 - 0.4 - 2.3) helps increase organic matter to the soil and is a fast and effective soil conditioner. Alfalfa is a perennial flowering legume in the pea family and an important forage crop. It takes nitrogen from the air and holds it as nodules on its roots, a process called “nitrogen fixing”. When dehydrated and ground it becomes an exceptional organic fertilizer. Available in 3.5lb bags.

Alfalfa Meal is very beneficial to plants!

  • Use as a top-dressing for your garden beds and flowering shrubs. 
  • Great for use on Roses and Dahlias!
  • Healthier foliage and flowers 
  • Stimulated soil bacteria, which increases  soil fertility, aeration & water retention;
  • Revitalized soil, leading to increases in the soil microorganism population;
  • Can help extend the growing season of your crops; and improve yields.
  • Research showing strong, vigorously-growing plants are more disease resistant.

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