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Stonington Blend Grower's Mix



Created specifically for growing Cannabis. Rich in nutrients and formulated with amendments designed to boost budding, blooming and root development. Designed for high performance growing in containers and large pots. This blend incorporates sphagnum peat moss, coir, perlite, compost, worm castings, fish bone meal, lobster and crab shell meal, kelp meal, alfalfa meal and mycorrhizae. For best results, grow in 15 gallon containers. OMRI listed.

Product Highlight Features:

  • High performance potting mix for large container plants.
  • Natural slow-release nitrogen.
  • On its own, it is enough to feed a single cannabis plant through a full grow cycle* in a 15-gallon container.
  • Living soil perfect for all potted and container gardens.
  • Approved for organic growers.

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